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Re: Status of ldap_init_fd and LDAP_PROTO_EXT?

Volker Lendecke wrote:

What's the status of those two? They are mentioned in the manpages of
for example Debian Jessie and FreeBSD 11 (maybe from ports?), but the
manpage explicitly says you have to #include <ldap_pvt.h>, which is
not shipped.

What's the reason of them being in ldap_pvt.h? Are they supposed to
change in the future? The function is now more than 10 years old,
without too much change in that decade.

Generally, <ldap.h> was only supposed to export the "official" LDAP API and anything that was specific to OpenLDAP's implementation was stashed in <ldap_pvt.h> as non-standard features. I suppose the distinction is somewhat meaningless these days since the last LDAP API RFC was only valid for LDAPv2 and a version for LDAPv3 was never approved. At this point, OpenLDAP's API is the de facto standard. As clumsy as it may be...

Not being able to fully asynchronously connect to a server was my main
reason to start my own little ldap library a few years ago, so I think
this can be useful code :-)

Talk to your distro folks about shipping the files then. The Project's policy is that we do source releases exclusively, and everything contained in a source release is intended for end-users to read and use. That is, again, the point of open source. It would also help if end-users read the scripts in the test suite and used them as examples of how to setup various configurations.

Thanks, Volker

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