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RE24 testing call #2 (2.4.45) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #2 (0.9.20)

For this testing call, we particularly need folks to test OpenLDAP with startTLS/LDAPS when compiled against OpenSSL (both pre 1.1 series and with the 1.1 series). This was reworked since the prior testing call, as the OpenSSL 1.1.0 work was not correct. There is currenly nothing in the test suite that covers encrypted connections (Although it's on my todo list). To build against OpenSSL 1.1 may also require cyrus-sasl HEAD out of the cyrus-sasl GIT repository, depending on your build options as the current cyrus-sasl release does not support the OpenSSL 1.1 series. It can be found at <https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-sasl>. If you build with GSSAPI and use Heimdal, you will also need the Heimdal 7.1.0 or later release (as that is where OpenSSL 1.1 support was added). It can be obtained from <http://h5l.org/>.

Also new with this release is the ability to run "make its" in the tests/ directory. This will run a specific set of tests around past bugs to ensure there are no regressions. While I've tested this with modular openldap builds, it has not been tested with the modules and backends built into slapd, so there could be some issues in that scenario.

OpenLDAP 2.4.45 Engineering
Added slapd support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 series (ITS#8353, ITS#8533, ITS#8634) Fixed libldap to fail ldap_result if the handle is already bad (ITS#8585) Fixed libldap to expose error if user specified CA doesn't exist (ITS#8529)
       Fixed libldap handling of Diffie-Hellman parameters (ITS#7506)
       Fixed libldap GnuTLS use after free (ITS#8385)
       Fixed slapd bconfig rDN escape handling (ITS#8574)
       Fixed slapd segfault with invalid hostname (ITS#8631)
       Fixed slapd sasl SEGV rebind in same session (ITS#8568)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl filter handling (ITS#8413)
Fixed slapd syncrepl infinite looping mods with delta-sync MMR (ITS#8432) Fixed slapd callback struct so older modules without writewait should function. Custom modules may need to be updated for sc_writewait callback (ITS#8435)
       Fixed slapd-ldap/meta broken LDAP_TAILQ macro (ITS#8576)
       Fixed slapd-mdb so it passes ITS6794 regression test (ITS#6794)
       Fixed slapd-meta uninitialized diagnostic message (ITS#8442)
Fixed slapo-accesslog to honor pauses during purge for cn=config update (ITS#8423) Fixed slapo-accesslog with multiple modifications to the same attribute (ITS#6545)
       Fixed slapo-relay to correctly initialize sc_writewait (ITS#8428)
       Fixed slapo-sssvlv double free (ITS#8592)
       Fixed slapo-unique with empty modifications (ITS#8266)
       Build Environment
               Added test065 for proxyauthz (ITS#8571)
               Fix test008 to be portable (ITS#8414)
               Fix test064 to wait for slapd to start (ITS#8644)
               Fix its4336 regression test (ITS#8534)
               Fix its4337 regression test (ITS#8535)
               Fix regression tests to execute on all backends (ITS#8539)
               Added slapo-autogroup(5) man page (ITS#8569)
               Added passwd missing conversion scripts for apr1 (ITS#6826)
Fixed contrib modules where the writewait callback was not correctly initialized (ITS#8435) Fixed smbk5pwd to build with newer OpenSSL releases (ITS#8525)
               admin24 fixed tls_cipher_suite bindconf option (ITS#8099)
               admin24 fixed typo cn=config to be slapd.d (ITS#8449)
admin24 fixed slapo-syncprov information to be curent (ITS#8253) admin24 fixed typo in access control docs (ITS#7341, ITS#8391)
               admin24 fixed minor typo in tuning guide (ITS#8499)
               admin24 fixed information about the limits option (ITS#7700)
admin24 fixed missing options for syncrepl configuration (ITS#7700) admin24 fixed accesslog documentation to note it should not be replicated (ITS#8344) Fixed ldap.conf(5) missing information on SASL_NOCANON option (ITS#7177) Fixed ldapsearch(1) information on the V[V] flag behavior (ITS#7177, ITS#6339) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarification on interval keyword for refreshAndPersist (ITS#8538) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarify serverID requirements (ITS#8635) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarification on loglevel settings (ITS#8123) Fixed slapo-ppolicy(5) to clearly note rootdn requirement (ITS#8565) Fixed slapo-memberof(5) to note it is not safe to use with replication (ITS#8613) Fixed slapo-syncprov(5) documentation to be current (ITS#8253)
               Fixed slapadd(8) manpage to note slapd-mdb (ITS#8215)
Fixed various minor grammar issues in the man pages (ITS#8544)
               Fixed various typos (ITS#8587)


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