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Patch adding command line TLS support to the ldap utilities

In working on creating a TLS testsuite for OpenLDAP, a glaring omission in the abilities of the command line tools quickly became apparent. Specifically, the inability to set any TLS related options. I've written up a patch to allow setting various options via "-o", and tested it in my environment, where it is behaving as desired.

Specifically, any option passed in via -o /overrides/ any LDAP* environment variable, any ~/.ldaprc, any system ldap.conf, etc. It also allows the ldap* utilities to work with TLS when LDAPNOINIT is set in the utility environment.

Attached is the patch for general review. There are likely more options that would be useful to add, but this gives a basic framework for what I need initially in the TLS test suite.



Quanah Gibson-Mount
Product Architect
Symas Corporation
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