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ITS8511 feedback

I've prepared a patch for ITS8511, that deprecates mirrormode/olcMirrorMode. I'd like to include it as part of the 2.5 release.

What it does is rename the configuration parameter to be "multimaster" or olcMultiMaster. This changes makes the configuration reflect what is actually being done when this mode is enabled (set to TRUE). Mirrormode itself is a concept completely external to the openldap configuration (i.e., it's based off of some sort of load balancing configuration), and the current usage of the term mirrormode is misleading and leads to significant confusion. While we can update the docs in various ways, I believe the configuration term should accurately reflect what's is occurring when it is enabled. The current method simply leads to unnecessary confusion and is misleading.

One potential issue is that it does change the cn=config schema. However, we've done this before when deprecating keywords. pcache.c is an example of where this has been done in the past.

I've validated that my change is 100% backwards compatible, so that existing configurations continue to work.

Thoughts welcome.



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