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Re: Any update on LMDB support for OpenBSD?

Howard, find three followup Q:s below (3-5), thanks

On 2016-06-13 05:07, Howard Chu wrote:
Tinker wrote:
Hi Howard,

Any plan on making LMDB work on OpenBSD?

Not sure what action you're expecting from us. Theo made it quite
clear that OpenBSD does not and will not have a unified buffer cache.

1) I did not read that anywhere. I guess it's waiting to be solved, just like >4GB buffer cache support.

OpenBSD should deliver LMDB in the MDB_WRITEMAP mode.

Fine, let OpenBSD do that. Along with release notes saying that
OpenBSD's port of LMDB doesn't provide any protection from stray
pointer overwrites.


That is perfect for now.

$ git clone https://github.com/LMDB/lmdb
$ cd lmdb/libraries/liblmdb
$ make

It does build on OpenBSD.

Should liblmdb.so work perfectly out of the box (as long as I stick to MDB_WRITEMAP only)?

I.e. this is with your blessing.

The only OpenBSD-specific behavior that could be relevant, then, would be to "disable" MDB_RDONLY by forcing MDB_WRITEMAP on the platform for now?

Should the tests work out of the box?

(At least some effort has been done e.g.
https://gitlab.com/mdb/sqlightning/issues/6 )

The repos on gitlab.com are corrupted and have been abandoned. The
only official repo is on openldap.org.

6) Ok