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Re: RE24 testing call #1 (2.4.44) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #1 (0.9.18)

> On 29 Jan 2016, at 21:25 , Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com> wrote:
> OpenLDAP 2.4.44 Engineering
>       Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb missing olcDbChecksum config attr (ITS#8337)
>       Fixed slapd-mdb cleanup after failed transaction (ITS#8360)
>       Fixed slapd-sql missing id_query/olcSqlIdQuery (ITS#8329)
>       Fixed slapo-accesslog callback initialization (ITS#8351)
>       Fixed slapo-ppolicy pwdMaxRecordedFailure must never be zero (ITS#8327)
>       Fixed slapo-syncprov abandon processing (ITS#8354)
>       Documentation
>               admin24 Stop linking to Berkeley DB downloads (ITS#8362)
>               admin24 Update documentation for LMDB preference
> LMDB 0.9.18 Release Engineering
>       Fix robust mutex detection on glibc 2.10-11 (ITS#8330)
>       Fix page_search_root assert on FreeDB (ITS#8336)
>       Fix MDB_APPENDDUP vs. rewrite(single item) (ITS#8334)
>       Fix mdb_copy of large files on Windows
>       Fix subcursor move after delete (ITS#8355)
>       Fix mdb_midl_shirnk off-by-one (ITS#8363)
>       Check for utf8_to_utf16 failures (ITS#7992)
>       Catch strdup failure in mdb_dbi_open
>       Build
>               Additional makefile var tweaks (ITS#8169)
>       Documentation
>               Add Getting Started page
>               Update WRITEMAP description

All tests run through without error on OS X 10.11.3 for bdb, hdb and mdb.


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