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Slapd startup behavior when unable to bind to an interface

Currently, slapd will start up even if it can't bind to an interface, if more than one potential interface is given where the bind is successful. This was, as best as Howard can recall, done because of ipv4/ipv6 issues on some systems.

However, it seems to me that it should at least be possible to specify to slapd that you do not want it to start up unless binding to all interfaces is successful.

This is fairly trivial to reproduce.  As a non-privileged user, simply do:

-h "ldap:// ldapi://slapd.sock"

It will fail to bind to 389, but bind to the LDAPI socket anyway, and continue the startup process. This gives a false result that slapd started successfully, although clearly external clients will be unable to talk to it.



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