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Re: RE24 testing call #1 (2.4.43) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #1 (0.9.16)


I will investigate a seg fault with MOD_INCREMENT on a Integer attribute I've
experienced today.

Ciao, Michael.

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> OpenLDAP 2.4.43 Engineering
>        Fixed liblber remove obsolete assert (ITS#8240)
>        Fixed libldap file URLs on windows (ITS#8273)
>        Fixed slap tools minor one time memory leak (ITS#8082)
>        Fixed slapd to avoid redundant processing of abandon ops (ITS#8232)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl segv when present list is NULL (ITS#8231, ITS#8042)
>        Fixed slapd segfault with invalid SASL URI (ITS#8218)
>        Fixed slapd configuration parser with unbalanced quotes (ITS#8233)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl check with config db on windows (ITS#8277)
>        Fixed slapd-ldap SEGV after failed retry (ITS#8173)
>        Fixed slapd-ldap to skip client controls in ldap_back_entry_get (ITS#8244)
>        Fixed slapd-null to have an option to return a search entry (ITS#8249)
>        Fixed slapd-relay to correctly handle quoted options (ITS#8284)
>        Fixed slapo-accesslog delta-sync MMR with interrupted refresh phase
> (ITS#8281)
>        Fixed slapo-dds segfault when using slapo-memberof (ITS#8133)
>        Fixed slapo-ppolicy to allow purging of stale pwdFailureTime attributes
> (ITS#8185)
>        Fixed slapo-ppolicy to release entry on failure (ITS#7537)
>        Fixed slapo-ppolicy to fall back to default policy if there is a
> parsing error (ITS#8234)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov with interrupted refresh phase (ITS#8281)
>        Fixed slapo-refint with subtree renames (ITS#8220)
>        Fixed slapo-rwm missing olcDropUnrequested attribute (ITS#7889)
>        Fixed slapo-rwm parsing to avoid double-escaping rewrite rules (ITS#7964)
>        Build Environment
>                Fixed slapd-tester EOL handling in test output for windows
> (ITS#8280)
>                Fixed slapd-tester executable suffix for windows (ITS#8216)
>        Contrib
>                Added libnettle support to pw-pbkdf2 (ITS#8198)
>                Fixed smbk5pwd compiler warnings with libnettle (ITS#8235)
>        Documentation
>                Updated guide to reflect changes to how TLS is handled with
> syncrepl (ITS#7897)
> LMDB 0.9.17 Release Engineering
>        Fix ITS#7377 catch calloc failure
>        Fix ITS#8237 regression from ITS#7589
>        Fix ITS#8221 MDB_PAGE_FULL on delete/rebalance
>        Fix ITS#8258 rebalance/split assert
>        Fix ITS#8264 cursor_del cursor tracking
>        Fix ITS#8263 cursor_put cursor tracking
>        Fix ITS#7771 fakepage cursor tracking
>        Fix ITS#7789 ensure mapsize >= pages in use
>        Fix ITS#7971 mdb_txn_renew0() new reader slots
>        Fix ITS#7969 use __sync_synchronize on non-x86
>        Added mdb_txn_id() (ITS#7994)
>        Added robust mutex support
>        Miscellaneous cleanup/simplification
>        Build
>                Create install dirs if needed (ITS#8256)
>                Fix ThreadProc decl on Win32/MSVC (ITS#8270)
>                Added ssize_t typedef for MSVC (ITS#8067)
>                Use ANSI apis on Windows (ITS#8069)
> Thanks!
> --Quanah
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