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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4.41 available


congratulations for the release!

It seems the changelog has not been updated on this page:


2015-07-01 22:11 GMT+02:00 OpenLDAP Project <project@openldap.org>:
> OpenLDAP 2.4.41 is now available for download as detailed on our download
> page:
>         http://www.openldap.org/software/download/
> and should soon be available on all official mirrors:
>         ftp://ftp.openldap.org/pub/OpenLDAP/MIRRORS
> This is a maintenance release and is made available for general use.  Users
> of OpenLDAP Software are encouraged to upgrade.
> Significant contributors are:
>         Howard Chu (Symas Corp)
>         Hallvard Furuseth (University of Oslo)
>         Quanah Gibson-Mount (Zimbra, Inc)
>         Ryan Tandy
> OpenLDAP 2.4.41 Release (2015/06/21)
>        Fixed ldapsearch to explicitly flush its buffer (ITS#8118)
>        Fixed libldap async connections (ITS#8090)
>        Fixed libldap double free of request during abandon (ITS#7967)
>        Fixed libldap error string for LDAP_X_CONNECTING (ITS#8093)
>        Fixed libldap segfault in ldap_sync_initialize (ITS#8001)
>        Fixed libldap ldif-wrap off by one error (ITS#8003)
>        Fixed libldap handling of TLS in async mode (ITS#8022)
>        Fixed libldap null pointer dereference (ITS#8028)
>        Fixed libldap mutex handling with LDAP_OPT_SESSION_REFCNT (ITS#8050)
>        Fixed slapd slapadd config db import of minimal frontend entry
> (ITS#8150)
>        Fixed slapd slapadd onetime leak with -w (ITS#8014)
>        Fixed slapd sasl auxprop crash with invalid config (ITS#8092)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl delta-mmr issue with overlays and slapd.conf
> (ITS#7976)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl mutex for cookie state (ITS#7968)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl memory leaks (ITS#8035)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl to free presentlist at end of refresh mode
> (ITS#8038)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl to streamline presentlist (ITS#8042)
>        Fixed slapd syncrepl concurrency when CHECK_CSN is enabled (ITS#8120)
>        Fixed slapd rootdn checks for hidden backends (ITS#8108)
>        Fixed slapd segfault when using matched values control (ITS#8046)
>        Fixed slapd-ldap reconnection behavior on remote failure (ITS#8142)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb minor case typo (ITS#8049)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb one-level search (ITS#7975)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb heap corruption (ITS#7965)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb crash after deleting in-use schema (ITS#7995)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb minor code cleanup (ITS#8011)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb to return errors when using incorrect env flags
> (ITS#8016)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb to correctly update search candidates (ITS#8036,
> ITS#7904)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb when there were more than 65535 aliases in scope
> (ITS#8103)
>        Fixed slapd-mdb alias deref when objectClass is not indexed
> (ITS#8146)
>        Fixed slapd-meta TLS initialization with ldaps URIs (ITS#8022)
>        Fixed slapd-meta to have better error logging (ITS#8131)
>        Fixed slapd-perl conversion to cn=config (ITS#8105)
>        Fixed slapd-sql autocommit config variable (ITS#8129,ITS#6613)
>        Fixed slapo-collect segfault (ITS#7797)
>        Fixed slapo-constraint with 0 count constraint (ITS#7780,ITS#7781)
>        Fixed slapo-deref with empty attribute list (ITS#8027)
>        Fixed slapo-memberof to correctly reject invalid members (ITS#8107)
>        Fixed slapo-sock result parser for CONTINUE (ITS#8048)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov synprov_matchops usage of test_filter (ITS#8013)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov segfault on disconnect/abandon
> (ITS#5452,ITS#8012)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov memory leak (ITS#8039)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov segfault on disconnect/abandon (ITS#8043)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov deadlock when autogroup is in use (ITS#8063)
>        Fixed slapo-syncprov potential loss of changes when under load
> (ITS#8081)
>        Fixed slapo-unique enforcement of uniqueness with manageDSAit control
> (ITS#8057)
>        Build Environment
>                Fixed libdb detection with gcc 5.x (ITS#8056)
>                Fixed ftello reference for Win32 (ITS#8127)
>                Enhanced contrib modules build paths (ITS#7782)
>                Fixed contrib/autogroup internal operation identity
> (ITS#8006)
>                Fixed contrib/autogroup to skip internal ops with accesslog
> (ITS#8065)
>                Fixed contrib/passwd/sha2 compiler warning (ITS#8000)
>                Fixed contrib/noopsrch compiler warning (ITS#7998)
>                Fixed contrib/dupent compiler warnings (ITS#7997)
>                Test suite: Added vrFilter test (ITS#8046)
>        Contrib
>                Added pbkdf2 sha256 and sha512 schemes (ITS#7977)
>                Fixed autogroup modification callback responses (ITS#6970)
>                Fixed nssov compare with usergroup (ITS#8079)
>                Fixed nssov password change behavior (ITS#8080)
>                Fixed nssov updated to 0.9.4 (ITS#8097)
>        Documentation
>                Added ldap_get_option(3) LDAP_FEATURE_INFO_VERSION
> information (ITS#8032)
>                Added ldap_get_option(3) LDAP_OPT_API_INFO_VERSION
> information (ITS#8032)
>                Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) tls_cipher_suite option
> (ITS#8099)
>                Fixed slapd-meta(5), slapd-ldap(5) tls_cipher_suite option
> (ITS#8099)
>                Fixed slapd-meta(5) fix minor typo (ITS#7769)
> MD5 (openldap-2.4.41.tgz) = 3f1a4cea52827e18feaedfdc1634b5d0
> SHA1 (openldap-2.4.41.tgz) = c6880df9fec928a5f010b78a4285b497e8a12d6b