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back-sock: Format of RESULT


I'm really confused by this part of slapd-sock(5):

----------------------------- snip -----------------------------
       If  the  overlay  is  configured  to  send response messages to the
       external program, they will appear as an extended RESULT message or
       as  an  ENTRY message, defined below. The RESULT message is similar
       to the one above, but also includes the msgid  and  any  configured
              msgid: <message id>
              code: <integer>
              matched: <matched DN>
              info: <text>
              <blank line>

       Typically  both  the msgid and the connid will be needed to match a
       result message to a request. The ENTRY message has the form
              msgid: <message id>
              <entry in LDIF format>
              <blank line>
----------------------------- snip -----------------------------

Especially the wording "both the msgid and the connid will be needed" seems
logical to me but does not match any format description in the man-page.

I'd also appreciate if the back-sock protocol would be more robust:
Why not require connid and msgid consistently in *every* operation sock
request and result sock request and *all* responses returned by the external
listener even in CONTINUE?

Ciao, Michael.

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