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Re: (ITS#8117) Bugs related to key-size in lmdb and backend

Hi, Howard.

As you told before, I will write to openldap-devel.

So, please take look to MDB_INTEGERDUP in mdb_attr_dbs_open().
I cutout ones and all tests are passing.

For my mdb_chk tool this is also solves a problem with checking INTEGER-keys.
With MDB_INTEGERDUP removal a logic become spotless: keys must be sizeof(int) or sizeof(size_t) only if MDB_INTEGERDUP or MDB_INTEGERKEY is in a dbi-flags.

Would you agree to remove MDB_INTEGERDUP from the mdb_attr_dbs_open()?


2015-04-30 4:12 GMT+03:00 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>:
Leonid Yuriev wrote:
OK, but then - what is the purpose of MDB_INTEGERDUP in

     if ( !(slapMode & SLAP_TOOL_READONLY) )
         flags |= MDB_CREATE;

Think it is not necessary, is it?

You really think so? Have you thought about what the actual *values* are in an index, instead of just the keys?

Anyway, this ITS is resolved. Thank you for reporting the bug. If you want to ask further questions about how the indexer works take it to openldap-devel.

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