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Re: ppolicy: pardon password history

hercherf@hrz.uni-marburg.de wrote:
I have made a tiny modification to the ppolicy-module. The aim is to go easy
on people who forgot their password, or forgot to deploy their recently
changed password to all devices (think of laptops, smartphones, etc.).
Whenever a login fails due to a invalid password, the ppolicy-module will
count this as a failure. After a configurable number of password failures in a
given time, ppolicy will take action and - for example - lock the acount. I
have tried to tweak this behaviour: When the password is found in the password
history, the ppolicy-module will not count this as a password failure. If
anyone is interested in this, please find the attached patch which also
includes a working example configuration/testcase.

I guess this change would open a can of worms, e.g. when password expiry is in effect.

Ciao, Michael.

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