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ITS8100: What to do about a fresh accesslog DB when in delta-sync MMR node

There's a general issue with using delta-sync MMR that needs some resolution (It's causing some considerable pain for customers): It is possible to put the entire system into endless fallbacks until a new and/or reloaded node gets a write operation. The general problem is that when an existing master queries the new/reloaded master's accesslog DB, zero entries are returned. This then triggers the fallback. This happens up util such a time as the new/reloaded master gets a direct write op. I've worked around it in general by immediately doing a no-op on the primary db (ldapmodify/replace an attribute value with its own value), but it would be nice to be able to bring new MMR nodes online or be able to reload MMR nodes for if they get out of sync, etc, without causing this sync fallback issue. There is no clear solution at the moment on what to do about zero results from the accesslog in the delta-sync MMR scenario. Proposals welcome. ;)



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