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RE: questions about LMDB

Several other questions about lmdb

1) does lmdb store one key-value pair in a single page? How lmdb organizes these key-value pairs in a single page
2)  if size is larger than single page size , how lmdb process this request?

Any help will be appreciated ? thanks


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Subject: questions about LMDB

Hi list ,

Recently I read docs about lmdb , there are two sentences 
1) readers do not block writers 
2) writers do not block readers
I can understand 'readers do not block writers' , but cannot understand the second one , can someone help explain , how lmdb achieve 'writers do not block readers',  below is my understandings , please correct me if anything wrong.
 if the access pattern is write - read, since lmdb only support two version of data ,  when the write has been started but not committed ,  the concurrent read may read stale data since write has not been committed.