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Re: Enhancing back-sock to use JSON

Dagobert Michelsen wrote:


my initial reaction: the current format is just a tweaked LDIF. LDIF itself is still a more compact format than JSON. I personally am opposed to adding any JSON dependencies to our code base. Anyone else have an opinion?

I have made some enhancements to back-sock to use JSON for the passed data and JSON-RPC
to map LDAP calls to method invocations. The function signatures of the JSON-RPC calls
are modeled to be similar to the ones used in json2ldap (which does just the opposite
direction to talk LDAP via JSON-RPC) [1]. The previous hand-crafted format passed on the
socket was harder to parse and needed a manually built parser whereas now a standard
library can be used. However, handling the JSON data structures now imposes an additional
dependency to Jansson (a JSON access library in C) [2]. Jansson itself is leightweight and
has no dependencies itself. Due to the limited use of back-sock and the enhanced ease of
use I think it would be acceptable to add this dependency.

I would be glad if the modification would be possible to be applied to OpenLDAP and I
happily submit a patch.

Best regards

   -- Dago

[1] JSON2LDAP interface from JSON-RPC to LDAP

[2] Jansson, a C library for reading and writing JSON data structures

  -- Howard Chu
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