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Re: BadRSlotError: mdb_txn_begin: MDB_BAD_RSLOT: Invalid reuse of reader locktable slot

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
  garbage collection occurs periodically, at any time the interpreter
feels like it
  (afaik).  so, the scenario under consideration is therefore that a
cursor gets closed
  at random points, well after its txn has been closed.

  however if the c api is reflected in the python layer then correspondingly the
  cursor could not interfere with a txn.

  the only other possibility under consideration is that the python
process has been
  killed unexpectedly (kill -9) and has left the database in an abnormal state.

Not possible; the database structure is inherently incorruptible. kill -9 won't do anything to it.

  looking at the application logs that i have available (qty one only
at the moment)
  i do note that the application appears to have just undergone a restart...

You're talking about a database being accessed by only a single process; the lock table is reinitialized whenever a process opens it and no other processes already have it open. As such, no locktable elements from a previous crash will ever affect the running process.

  i'll have to have a closer look but would that be causing any problems (esp
  with the arguments to speed up access such as sync=False etc.)

Nope. sync is irrelevant for application-level crashes, all the data goes into the OS buffer cache regardless. sync=False will likely leave you a corrupted database if the OS or hardware crashes, but not if the application process crashes.

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