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Re: 2.4.40 ITS possibilities

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

7877 - gcrypt optional, includes patch
> 7869 - arguments to do_phk_hash are in the wrong order in contrib apr1
> 7851 - buffer overrun issue, with patch
> 7835 - slapadd won't add LDIFv1 compliant files that start with a comment

6970 - autogroup + memberof crashes or deadlocks slapd
7868 - Sock overlay segfault
7865 - Patch to update slapo-refint manpage with cn=config format
7860 - Update ldap_get_dn(3) man page, with patch
7838 - Add ORDERING matching rule to ppolicy (RFC issue?)

re: 7838 - the draft needs a number of edits. I'm willing to commit this if someone takes responsibility for publishing a new draft to IETF.

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