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Re: LMDB stuff

Le 2/4/14 3:29 AM, Hallvard Breien Furuseth a Ãcrit :
> On 2014-02-03 22:14, Howard Chu wrote:
>> Was chatting with Emmanuel Lecharny (who is currently working on
>> Mavibot for ApacheDS, an MVCC backend similar to LMDB) and had an
>> interesting realization: we can avoid the current issue of long-lived
>> reader txns preventing page reclamation.
>> (...) since we're already going to add a txnID to every page's
>> page header, we can simply add a 2nd txnID, recording the txnID of the
>> previous change to this page's ancestor. Then, any page where this
>> prevTxnID is >= the outstanding reader's txnID can be reclaimed.
> Nice.  But: Seems to me the freelist needs to know when the page
> was written, and when it was freed.  A reader older than the txn
> which wrote the current contents of a page, is irrelevant to
> whether the page can be overwritten.  How do ancestors matter? (Do
> you mean a branch page? The age of the previous page contents?)
>> Still thinking about the actual implementation of this, it may make
>> more sense to store the prevTxnID in the freeDB than in each page
>> header. Ideally we want to be able to grab a chunk of pageIDs
>> unambiguously, instead of having to iterate thru each page and read
>> its header to determine if it's safe.
> Yes, re-reading lots of pages just to find they can't be used does
> not sound fun.  And we can't look for page headers in a broken-up
> overflow page.  Unless we either quit breaking up freed ovpages,
> or write a page header to the unused chunk when breaking it up.
> Can we grab Mavibot's freeDB structure?

The free page structure is irrelevant. What is important is the copied
page structure, and we have the exact same data structure here : a
B-tree of <txn ID, list of copiedPage>.

The key is to leverage this B-tree to free the pages that we know won't
be used when we release a txn.

Emmanuel LÃcharny