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Re: commit review for 2.4.39

--On Thursday, January 09, 2014 9:40 PM +0100 Michael StrÃder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

Michael StrÃder wrote:
Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
Pending commits I think look good for RE24:

I'm in need to have ITS#7683 available. I've tested it with OpenSSL but
not with GnuTLS and MozNSS yet. But if it's not too intrusive I'd be
happy to see it released in in 2.4.39.

Any chance to get ITS#7683 into 2.4.39?

7683 makes a change to the way in which stats logging behaves. As there are many scripts that parse the stats loglevel, making such a change would have a negative impact on numerous people's installations. This sort of change really should wait for OpenLDAP 2.5.



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