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MDB mapsize changes

Current mdb.master can change MDB_meta.mm_mapsize when another
process has the database open.  That can break when one MDB_env
grows the DB file beyond another MDB_env's me_mapsize.

Coexisting MDB_env's must use the same mapsize.  Any mm_mapsize
change must be written while mdb_env_open() has the exlusive lock.

For writing the mapsize:

- I presume the cleanest way wouldbe to write it to the not-current meta
  page.  But mdb_page_alloc() and mdb_txn_commit()'s "Delete IDLs" loop
  look like they expect each recent txnid to have a freelist entry.  Is
  that right?  page_alloc uses MDB_SET, should maybe be MDB_SET_RANGE.
  I think older libmdb's seeing such a missing entry would grow the map
  instead of grabbing the next freelist entry.

- Or overwrite (current meta).mm_mapsize, but then I don't know what to
  do at a failed write.  env_open cannot get around that by writing back
  an older txnid like mdb_env_write_meta() does.  Maybe just try to
  write back the old mapsize before returning failure.

  BTW, write_meta with WRITEMAP should undo the change if msync fails.

- Or do mdb_txn_begin(); mdb_txn_commit(); with the new mm_mapsize and
  a dummy freelist entry.  Simple enough, if excessive.

As for determining the mapsize, I think it goes something like branch
"mdb/mapsize" in <http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/openldap.git>.