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Re: ITS#7473 back-mdb search

Emmanuel LÃcharny wrote:
Le 1/11/13 7:48 PM, Michael StrÃder a Ãcrit :
Howard Chu wrote:
We could alter the dn2id index format, and maintain a numSubordinates counter
Would this make it easier to implement this?


Implementing this RFC is just a side effect of having stored the number
of subordinates stored in the dn2id index (or somehwere else).

So adding the operational attribute in each returned entry is pretty
straight forward as soon as you have the value at hand.

In fact, since numSubordinates only reports the number of immediate (i.e. onelevel) children, it could be implemented already. Back-mdb always has the exact count of onelevel children for any entry. (back-hdb could also, but I think this counting operation is slow in BerkeleyDB.)

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