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Re: MDB v2: Replace meta pages with "meta position" word

Hallvard Breien Furuseth wrote:
I wrote:
One thing about ACID - IIRC there are some potential data races which my
single-word meta info in the header will fix.  E.g. if the user does ^Z
at an unfortunate time, and with WRITEMAP updating the meta page while a
txn is reading it.

Reproducible by sending frequent SIGSTOPs and SIGCONTs, with mdb.c
patched to verify (memcmp or checksum) the meta info after copying.
Happens even with 1 MDB process.

(Re comments elsewhere: Selecting a meta page is atomic, but
copying/writing it is not.)

True, but writing the meta page doesn't need to be atomic - it won't be considered current until its txnid is updated. Until then, its txnid will be less than the other page's anyway.

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