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Re: MDB v2: Replace meta pages with "meta position" word

Howard Chu writes:
>> Setting the latest commit becomes atomic: Just change metapos.
>> (Field MDB_txninfo.mti_txnid goes away.)
> The latest commit is already atomic. mti_txnid is updated atomically in the 
> current code.
>> No sync issues with copying 'MDB_db's from the meta, since the meta
>> will not be overwritten during the txn.
> There are no sync issues in the current code.

I may have been thinking of the same thing with these two, but maybe I'm
out of date.

> OK, preserving consistency is potentially a win vs what we have now. But it's 
> also more of a crapshoot - you're only providing ACI, not D, and the 
> application won't hear about the loss of D until long after the fact.
> Some applications can probably tolerate this. But is it something we want to 
> deal with?

Then I'm not sure what's the point of so many speedup options like it
has now.