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Re: MDB v2: Replace meta pages with "meta position" word

And of course I saw one problem as soon as I hit Send, after mulling
over this for hours:(  Shouldn't be a problem, though.

> All transactions start from the lockfile->metapos commit.  Write txns
> do not reuse free pages younger than the datafile->metapos commit.

Except a system crash may yet lose the latter transaction if the
datafile->metapos itself has not been synced.  So the datafile also
needs to indicate the previously synced datafile->metapos value.  Or the
related txnid, since I think the only place this info is needed is in
the search for old txnids in mdb_page_alloc().

If it proves useful to keep this in a single header word: Maybe MDB_meta
could hold "txnid of last synced metapos", and (datafile->metapos & 1)
can be set if "last synced metapos" == the current metapos.  I.e. a
full sync would sync the data pages, set datafile->metapos, sync again,
and set datafile->metapos |= 1 to note that this transaction is safe.