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Re: openldap.git branch mdb.master updated. 14fb1f59c7e119a100952890f947377d7e95f135

Howard Chu writes:
>>     Append mode now does no key comparisons, input must be in sorted order.
>>     page_split was not updating cursor parents correctly.
> MDB_APPEND mode is meant to be used for bulk loading of pre-sorted
> keys.  (e.g., if someone wanted to write an mdb_load utility and the
> corresponding mdb_dump program, you would use this mode for the
> loader.) New key/data pairs are simply appended to the last page of
> the database, with no key comparisons at all.  (...)

As a user, I'd feel safer with a mode which kept the DB consistent:
Return failure if (key to append) < (current max key).  Presumably
that'd mean 1 key comparison per added entry.  And maybe giving the
root pages a reference to the last key, I don't know.

Does this affect OpenLDAP (slapadd -q) users, or should I be saying
"as a libmdb user"?