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Re: The Last Sysadmin Prayer: Discussion Returns to Wrap and Base64 World

> De: "Howard Chu" <hyc@symas.com>
> This is the Developer's list. Your post is off topic and you should be
> ashamed
> of yourself for posting it here.

sorry for the noise, I knew this is the developer's list but after seeing all lists:

openldap-announce 	OpenLDAP announcements list
openldap-bugs 	OpenLDAP bugs discussion list
openldap-commit 	OpenLDAP source repository 'commit' list
openldap-devel 	OpenLDAP development discussion list
openldap-fortress 	OpenLDAP Fortress Discussion list
openldap-technical     	OpenLDAP Technical Discussion list

I thought this belongs here because the nature of the discussion. If you want me to move this thread to another list, please let me know.

> An option for LDIF wrapping was released in 2.4.24, 2011-02-10. You
> should be
> ashamed of yourself for asking for something that has already been
> available
> for over a year and a half.

I was using lastest Centos 6.3 packages and I assumed that there was no wrapping option, sorry about that. I see now that Centos is packaging 2.4.23. That was close. I'm really happy to see that it was finally included upstream and I can't wait to see it on packages.

I think rest of the complain is still valid, though. Decoding values i still an issue, and the suggestion of Michael that best way is learning other languages instead of using ldapsearch reaffirms my pov. How broken can be a simple search such as

   FULLNAME=`ldapsearch -x -LLL "(uid=$1)" gecos | grep "^gecos: " | cut -d" " -f2- `


I really thought that we could start a healthy discussion about what and when a widely requested feature should be included. And judging from amount of posts/discussions I've found digging last weeks I'm pretty sure that isn't the opinion of a single undocumented obtuse sysadmin.

Instead of being double-ashamed because of my ignorance, I'm really proud of being part of the free software community and being able to address to people I admire and respect profundly. Even when I'm wrong and even more when I hardly find the right words to explain my boss that this "creppy guy with a violin" is the main developer of this huge project.


ps: english is not my native language, excuse my strange composition