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Re: MDB slapadd potential improvements

Howard Chu wrote:
In the meantime, I'm considering an MDB environment option to support multiple
threads in a single write TXN, as long as each thread is operating on separate
databases. This would hopefully allow us to further distribute the load of
indexing without adding too much new complexity to libmdb.

A fairly naive implementation is now in my thread2 branch on ada. With 6 toolthreads the DB now loads in 58m51s, a sizable improvement:

time LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal.so ../servers/slapd/slapd -Ta -F 7170/conf0 -n 3 -l tester.ldif -q
*#################### 100.00% eta   none elapsed          58m51s spd   1.3 M/s
Closing DB...

real    58m53.590s
user    90m15.182s
sys     31m16.697s

The main changes are to mutex-protect a few of the internals:
all of the mdb_page_alloc() function (which manipulates the DB freelist and pulls pages off it)
	mt_free_pgs (which accumulates the list of pages freed in the current txn)
	mt_dirty_list (which accumulates the list of pages dirtied in the current txn)

The mutex on the mt_dirty_list was restricting concurrency too much, so I split the list into 256 lists, hashed off the pgno. This accounts for the bulk of the improvement.

If you have an account on ada.openldap.org I encourage you to checkout this
code and think about what's suitable to merge back into master.

  -- Howard Chu
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