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Re: (ITS#7182) back-ldap monitoring improvements

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On 04/09/2012 03:46 PM, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> On 04/04/2012 03:26 PM, hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>> See ITS#7225.
>>> Even after the SEGV is patched, the pcache slapd fails to start
>>> in test020 because the monitor calls are unable to register
>>> their entries. Something is wrong in your initialization code.
>> When the ldap database is opened before the monitor, all
>> registration is deferred and fake OK status is returned. Then,
>> while the subsystems are initializing, the new subsystems (that
>> have to derive their DN from something) do not yet have access to
>> the DN of the database monitor entry (even though it may already
>> exist). Only after all subsystems have been opened does the
>> deferred database registration proceed, but by then there is no
>> way to notify anyone that the DN has been published. Thus we are
>> left with a chicken-and-egg problem.
>> One way out of this I currently see is providing a
>> register_database callback that is called immediately when no
>> deferring takes place or immediately after the entry in
>> limbo_queue has been processed. This way once the DN information
>> is ready, the subsystem registration can start safely.
>> There is an alternative, adding a defferable monitor_subsys
>> registration (and alimbo entry type) that, if monitor is not
>> opened, takes place in the second phase (roughly at the same time
>> as above).
>> There are aspects in which either one is cleaner, whereas the
>> other one can backfire/clutter the API and vice versa for others.
>> I have not decided yet.
> I think the problem (and the patch) can be greatly simplified and
> made clearer by totally eliminating the addition of a subsystem.
> All you need is to add to either the database entry (when back-ldap
> is a database) or to the overlay entry (when back-ldap is wrapped
> by one of the many overlays built on top of it) a couple of entries
> that play the role of roots of the connections and operations
> entries.  The creation of these entries can be deferred if the
> parent entries do not exist yet.  The one related to connections
> can take care of creating volatile children.  The ones related to
> operations can have specific callbacks, and the parent entry can
> have a callback that creates the children when they do not exist
> yet.  I'm trying to work out a fix for it.
> p.

I have uploaded a patch to this to

The first patch adds the monitor_subsys_register_late that, if monitor
is not opened yet, queues up a limbo entry instead of registering the
subsystem right away.

The others perform some code cleanup. Feel free to (not) include any
part you want.

The attached file is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the
modifications to OpenLDAP Software represented in the following
patch(es) were developed by Acision. Acision has not assigned rights
and/or interest in this work to any party. I, Ondrej Kuznik am
authorized by Acision, my employer, to release this work under the
following terms.

The attached modifications to OpenLDAP Software are subject to the
following notice:
Copyright 2012 Acision
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP Public

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Ondrej Kuznik
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