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Re: (ITS#7182) back-ldap monitoring improvements

Ondrej Kuznik wrote:
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On 02/28/2012 04:26 PM, ondrej.kuznik@acision.com wrote:
I have prepared some patches to back-ldap (and one to back-monitor) that expose
operation and connection monitoring information from a running back-ldap
database and I would like to see this or similar functionality included in the
OpenLDAP codebase.

The url above contains a patchset against HEAD for review.

The following things are yet to be resolved:
- there is no monitoring of completed operations yet, only operations initiated
against the remote database(s).
- the binds performed by the ldap_back_default_rebind function are not counted
- slapo-chain has not been tested yet

After playing with slapo-chain, looks like the monitoring support has
been a noop and properly enabling it might take a more intrusive patch
than the one included above.

- test suite integration: back-ldap looks excluded from the test suite

Looking further at the test suite, enabling back-ldap testing might also
be a little more effort, maybe out of scope of such an ITS.

- better connection handling (connections should have stable identifiers)

So far, I have had no revelation on how to proceed on this one.

What do you intend to do with such a connection identifier? If it's merely for monitor purposes, just use a simple counter. Obviously nothing in back-ldap currently needs such a thing, so I can't imagine that it would be used for anything else. You can increment the counter in getconn, when the connection is inserted into the tree (under the mutex).

Your patch 4 seems to be quite invasive already. How will the new monitor output compare to the existing output? Will this break any scripts that were using the old monitor entries?

You seem to have no-op'd out the monitor_db_close() cleanups. It would be a good idea to do all of the proper unregister/cleanup here.

Pierangelo and others, could some of you take a look at the proposed
changes and comment on what else should be improved or fixed?

  -- Howard Chu
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