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Re: back-monitor and compare operation

Ondrej Kuznik wrote:
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while in progress of adding further monitoring capabilities to the
back-ldap backend I stumbled over a weirdness in how the monitor handles
the COMPARE operation:
If a compare request is issued, the entry is retrieved directly from the
monitor cache, triggering no updates, thus the outcome of that
comparison is based on outdated or default information (depends on when
an update was last triggered).

As a minimum example, having a fresh instance of cn=monitor (that you
have not searched since startup) compare the monitoredInfo attribute of
cn=Uptime,cn=Time,cn=monitor to "0", you should get LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE.

I've been forced to make a small change to the back-monitor subsystem
API locally (will upload the patch shortly), so I could fix this too now
that I've become familiar with the code a bit.

Sounds good, just submit the patch to ITS...

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