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Re: RE24 testing (pre-testing on 2.4.27)

Aaron Richton wrote:
On Tue, 8 Nov 2011, Howard Chu wrote:

#undef DEBUG, and "#define DKEY(x)"

preprocesses to:

                            ( void ) ( "found leaf index %u [%s], rc = %i" ,
                                       i, , rc);

so IMO:

#define DKEY(x) ""

or any other blank-ish concept...

DEBUG cannot (normally) be undef'd, so this is a misuse of the code.

Sorry, I misread the #if as #ifdef. The path in question:

      225 #define DEBUG 0
      287 #if DEBUG
      298 #else
      300 #define DKEY(x)

i.e. add the "", or any other value to be discarded, to line 300. The
issue is the DKEY argument, we can't have the (... ,, ...) construct.

OK, I see. Done.

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