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Re: ldap_get_value returns corrupt pointer

kyle king wrote:
On 09/20/2011 06:21 PM, kyle king wrote:

Under heavy threaded use ldap_get_value returns a corrupted memory
pointer, not a char pointer pointer that was specified.

Your original email hasn't shown up, so some context for your question is missing. Also, it doesn't appear that your question belongs on this list; it should be on openldap-technical.

But it sounds like you're accessing an LDAP handle without making sure it is thread safe. You can continue this discussion on the -technical list.

I have narrowed the corruption problem down to the file
libraries/libldap/get_values.c apoximatly line 80 the ber_scanf in the
if statement.

When it work on my machine, it returns pointers for 'vals' such as:

vals pointer: 0x105c920

and when it fails:
vals pointer 0x7f6130004c20

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