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Re: back-mdb status

> http://highlandsun.com/hyc/slamd-mdb/
> The report includes a ModRate job and a SearchRate job; both were run
> concurrently. Aside from the fact that the average search rate is
> over 85,000
> searches/second (on a machine that I previously thought was maxed out
> at
> 63,000), more interesting is the peak of almost 107,000
> searches/second. The
> result curve drops, flattens, and then raises again, which shows the
> influence
> of the writers occupying server threads and making then unavailable
> for
> readers, until the writer job finishes.

Wow! What are the test servers specs?

> On this run slapd hit 1300% CPU. Core 0, which was fielding ethernet
> interrupts, was at 80% handling soft interrupts. I have no idea
> whether we can
> generate enough load to hit 90% or more there, seems unlikely.
> The write rate is pretty slow, as we already knew. I frankly don't
> see it
> improving very much, given the single-writer nature of MDB.
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