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Re: Critical client controls stop ldap_unbind()

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> ldap_unbind() & co fail without doing anything if a critical client
> control is set with ldap_set_option() or passed to ldap_unbind_ext_s().

Not sure whether it's related: But I have problems sending unbind with
python-ldap via ldap_unbind_ext() when using a persistent search control with
Novell eDirectory. Without the control it's behaving as expected. But it also
may be related to eDirectory misbehaving...it's hard to track this down...

There are various other reports about unbind hanging by python-ldap users e.g.
with MS AD some of which might be related to GnuTLS being used.

Also I suspect ITS#6928 to be related to unbind (consumer is Debian build of
OpenLDAP linked to GnuTLS). I regard this as possibility for a DoS attack on a
provider server. (No response to this ITS so far...)

Ciao, Michael.