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Re: sizelimit and pagedResultsControl - AD vs Openldap ...

Mads Freek Petersen wrote:
Hi all

I have written a simple pure php ldap library to be able to use the pagedResultsControl - which the standard php library - to my knowledge - doesn't support.

Testing it against Openldap and AD i have found that given:

a dit with 1000 objects
a sizelimit of 500
a pagesize of 100

Openldap returns 5 pages of 100 objects while AD returns 10 pages of 100 objects. Ie. if the sizelimit is greater than the pagesize AD ignores it.

What is the correct behavior?

OpenLDAP conforms to the documented behavior of the PagedResults specification.

Given any protocol with a standardized specification, you can rely on Microsoft to implement it differently.

Bwt.hHas anyone ever looked at the "cookie" AD returns - it is more than 1K bytes long!

Regards Mads Freek

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