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Static Analysis of OpenLDAP

Klocwork’s open source program did some source code analysis for OpenLDAP a few years back.  We’ve analyzed the project again using our static analysis product, Klocwork Insight, and found some bugs and potential security vulnerabilities that may be of interest.  The results are hosted on a secure web portal so only contributors to the project will have access to the results.  They will not be published. Please email opensource at klocwork dot com for the login credentials.


Issue Summary: https://opensource.klocwork.com/review/insight-review.html#reportviewer_goto:project=openldap,report=6,scope=1

Full Details/Issue Management: http://goo.gl/9GNiu


This program will be offered free to open source projects on an ongoing basis, so if you find the results of value we could analyze future versions of your project as well.



Lynn Gayowski


P +1.613. 836.8899 ext. 424

lynn.gayowski at klocwork.com