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Re: Generalize olcHidden -> olcLabel

Howard Chu writes:
>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> I'd like a simple way to manipulate an off-line database while slapd
>> is running, e.g. to slapadd it from scratch and activate it when done.
>> Here is one suggestion:
>> Make olcHidden a dynamic attribute computed from an attribute
>> olcLabel="some text" + a startup option -L "label to activate,...".
>> Updates to olcHidden could fail or update olcLabel for backwards
>> compatibility, depending on configuration.
> I see your goal but I think this is the wrong approach. With olcHidden the 
> database is still fully operational, it is merely hidden from the frontend. 

Ouch.  Yes that's definitely the wrong approach.  Oh well.

> No need for -L, just use slapadd -n<X>.

Yes - but not with the same cn=config.

> Most of this manipulation is unnecessary; just use an alternate config for 
> your offline build.

That's what we are doing now - with slapd.conf, which is simpler
for a script.  I was aiming to simplify that process with cn=config.

> Your use case is not a compelling reason for doing this.