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Re: LDIF wrapping (Was: ITS#6645)

> masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
>> I'd like to resolve the ITS#6645 issue, either by committing or wiping
>> out
>> this patch from my working directory, as it conflicts with ITS#6737.
>> Comments?
> OK, here's a comment:
>    "If the slapmodify patch couldn't make do with the ldif patch as
>    written, this suggests the ldif patch was insufficiently general."
> Of course, it'd help if I looked at the patches before saying that:)

I'm not sure I fully understand your comment.  But I realize my message
was not entirely clear.  The two patches conflict from a diff -u point of
view, as they overlap a bit.  In order to preserve them as distinct
commits, I need to temporarily back out the slapmodify patch in
slapcommon.h, commit ITS#6645, put back slapmodify patch with minimal
manual intervention, and commit ITS#6737.  Or, I can remove the ITS#6645
patch and simply commit the ITS#6737 one.  There's no operational
incompatibility between the patches as they touch completely orthogonal
aspects of tool operations.