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OpenLDAP testing on linuxtesting.org

I just found out about this after seeing a similar note on the libcurl mailing list. It sounds like linuxtesting.org is providing a terrific service, but the test programs need a bit of help. We'd be happy to provide that help, but obviously we can't help anyone who doesn't actually talk to us; it was only pure chance that led me to find these reports.

I see from here


46 tests marked as failed, and 50 warnings. Just looking at the first couple failures, they're complete misuses of the API.

#1 ber_bvarray_free() SEGVs because BVarrays must be NULL-terminated, and your test function is just passing in a single BerVal, not a BVarray.

#2 ber_decode_oid() SEGVs because as the comment indicates, the outupt BerVal must be initialized with both a buffer pointer and the size of that buffer, and your test function passes an uninit'd BerVal.

#3 ber_memvfree() SEGVs because your vector is allocated on the stack, so naturally it cannot be freed.


For the warnings

#1 you pass a NULL entry pointer, which is of course invalid. Proper code would have checked the return value from ldap_result() first, note that it didn't return any message, and stopped at that point.

#50 of course the result is useless because the input is not a proper BER-encoded datum.


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