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Re: (Round 3) Proposed patch to support: draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency

Doug Leavitt wrote:

On 10/ 9/10 10:06 AM, Howard Chu wrote:
Doug Leavitt wrote:
    Since my last patch submission (Round2) I spent a considerable
amount of time performing performance analysis of my proposed
both client side and server side.

Sounds good, I've done a very brief review. I'd like to see the LWP
removal as a separate patch. Also would like to see the introduction
of LDAP_MUTEX_LOCK() and friends as a separate patch, before the real
functionality changes.

No problem.  I can break them up.  I propose delivering them as:

patch 1: remove old Sun LWP code
patch 2: macro definition changes (LDAP_MUTEX_LOCK() and friends)
patch 3: MT hot changes using patch#2 changes.

Does that seem reasonable?

Very good, thanks.

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