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Re: Proposed patch to support: draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency

 While I'm making the second round of changes, I have a follow up question.
Is there any objection to me removing the THR_LWP code from libldap_r
as part of this ITS?

Unless there is an objection, I plan to have that code removed from my next
round of diffs.

[I looked it up] For the record, Sun stopped support of these interfaces, pre-Solaris,
in SunOS 4.1.4.  Officially Sun EOLed these interfaces on Dec 27, 1998,
and halted the last of the vintage support of them on Sep 30, 2003.

The official statement of this is: http://www.sun.com/service/eosl/eosl_solaris.html

So, Sun hasn't supported liblwp (aka the LWP APIs) from SunOS for about 8 years, the last functional machines are sitting in places like the Computer history Museum
and a museum of old machines at the old corporate offices.
It really is time for them to RIP.

Side note:
There was a time when some of us engineers still used old sun4m's as
door stops, bookends, and height adjusters for flat panels.  But I think for
the most part even those boxes were carted off to the scrap metal heap
last decade. I gave my last ones away in 2005. :( Should a kept one as a memento...