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Re: Proposed patch to support: draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency

 I will take a look at reworking the

On 08/22/10 10:09 AM, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
My concern is: can you guarantee that the occurrences of locking/unlocking
those additional mutexes, combined to the existing ones, do not result in
deadlocks?  I mean: did you explicitly check all possible logical paths or
so, or take measures to avoid this possibility?
Another mostly "style" comment: I think you shouldn't be polluting
libldap's space with thread implementation specific details, like

#if defined(HAVE_THR)
#elif defined(HAVE_PTHREADS)
#if !(defined(HAVE_THR) || defined(HAVE_PTHREADS))

and so.  I understand PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER is handy, but the whole
thing should remain confined in libldap_r specific files.

I will take a look at reworking this for the next round of code review.

Also, but since it's a test tool it is not a priority, slapd-mtread.c
should use libldap_r and hide thread implementation details under
OpenLDAP's portable interface.

I agree, that slapd-mtread.c still needs additional work.
[Also see first respose].  I will revise and clean this up for
the next round of code review.