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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd syncrepl.c

>> Two comments:
>> 1) syncrepl_add_glue() and syncrepl_add_glue_ancestors() should be
>> renamed
>> slapd_add_glue() and slapd_add_glue_ancestors(); the latter should be
>> exposed as well, as it may be useful to other modules.
>> 2) syncrepl_add_glue_ancestors() returning alreadyExists when the
>> immediate parent entry exists is pointless, as it does not indicate an
>> error, while the existence of a non-immediate ancestor would not be
>> notified to the caller.  BTW, this caused ITS#6528 (my fault, of
>> course).
> Are you planning on doing #1 & #2 prior to 2.4.22?  Or are they ok for now
> as well?

No. 2.4.22 should be fine as it is now.  Thanks, p.