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Some "long" standing ITSes

I think there are a few "long" standing ITSes, or candidate ones, that
need some discussion as they have -devel implications.

ITS#6505: add "const" to attrs in libldap search API: not a big deal, it
would change a consolidated API, but the change should be harmless.

ITS#6482: the issue is not easily reproducible; the proposed patch sounds
a bit naive; perhaps bi_tool_entry_next() could be strengthened by trying
a bit harder to get the next ID.  Not sure how, the first guess would be
to increment the last ID and use DB_SET instead of DB_NEXT until something
is found (as naive as the proposed one).  Suggestions for better
strategies?  In any case, I think backend-specific issues should be hidden
in the backend tool helpers rather than attempted by slaptools themselves.

ITS#6477: the reported case story can be dealt with by detecting the error
and re-running slaptest with -d; however, there might be cases where the
exact knowledge of the cause of a TLS error may be useful in syslog's
logs; this would require to change the way those errors are logged by the
client library.