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Fwd: [Berkeley DB Announce] Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( - New Release, Major Revision

Looks like the major addition is the SQLite work-alike API. Not much of interest to us here, possibly some of the lock bugs they fixed may be relevant.

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Subject: [Berkeley DB Announce] Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( - New Release, Major Revision
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 14:17:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Announcements related to the Berkeley DB product family.	<bdb@oracle.com>
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Berkeley DB 11gR2 (


Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( is a major new release. Berkeley DB now includes a SQL API for relational data storage based on SQLite. This release uses the Oracle standard marketing naming (11gR2), however the revision number's last three components map to the historic versioning pattern (5.0.21) to help maintain consistency.


  * SQL/Relational access via integration with SQLite
  * Support for SQL92, ODBC and JDBC
  * Drop-in replacement for any SQLite-based solution
  * New Documentation covering the SQL API

* SQL Performance
  * 10s of thousands of INSERTS/UPDATES/DELETES per-second
  * 100s of thousands of SELECTs per-second
  * Approximately as fast as SQLite for reads (within 10%)
  * About 3X faster than SQLite for updates/writes
  * Has fine grained locking which leads to better read/write concurrency
  * 6-8x more transactions/second compared to SQLite when using multiple threads

* Other Features
  * Support for DTrace/SystemTap performance monitoring
* Automatic resource management: close open database and cursor handles on environment close
  * Transaction priorities
* Compact to reclaim unused spaces in hash databases to match similar existing feature for btrees
  * Log file portability across different endian machines

* High Availability
  * Client-to-client synchronization
  * Read-after-write consistency on replicas

* Integration with other Oracle Products
  * Synchronization with Oracle Database Server using Oracle Mobile Sync Server

The complete list of changes can also be found in the change log page.



"Oracle Berkeley DB 11gR2 combines seamlessly the benefits of SQLite's ubiquitous API with Berkeley DB's concurrency and performance into an easy-to-use product. SQLite users can now benefit from enhanced concurrency and performance, and Oracle Berkeley DB users can now benefit from an easy-to-use SQL API."
- Dr. Richard Hipp, architect, SQLite

"Berkeley DB's new SQLite-compatible SQL API offers powerful features not only for its users but to the SQLite community at large. Berkeley DB developers now have a proven embedded SQL engine to make application development even easier. SQLite users now have the option of a powerful, industry-supported storage engine that is built from the ground up for high-concurrency, and which includes powerful features like built-in replication and hot backups. The combination of the two technologies provides all developers with tremendous flexibility in that a single SQL/API can now be used across a broad spectrum of applications ranging from the embedded space all the way up to large-scale transaction processing. Oracle has done a fantastic job of not only integrating the technologies, but also being an exemplary participant in the open source community by contributing time, expertise and resources to the SQLite project."
- Mike Owens, author of "The Definitive Guide to SQLite"

"Berkeley DB 11gR2 is a very interesting product mainly because it combines the familiar SQLite sqlite3() API with the powerful, proven Berkeley DB data storage technology. I was able to re-compile my SQLiteManager product against the Berkeley DB library without any major issues in very little time. I have now a product that is fully able to manage Berkeley DB databases without changing a single line of my code. So far performance and concurrency are excellent and I am thrilled to think about the future improvements of this great product."
- Marco Bambini, CEO of SQLabs

"Berkley DB 11gR2 is, in my experience, a fully drop-in replacement for SQLite3. I was hugely surprised at just how easy it was; I'd had zero experience in using Berkeley DB in products before, but within a couple hours I had my application powered by Berkeley DB. From there onwards, you can enjoy all the benefits of Berkeley DB including concurrency and long term stability compared to SQLite3 from an API you're already familiar with. It's quite simply amazing."
- Liam McLoughlin, Chromium OS independent developer



Berkeley DB .tar.gz, with AES encryption

Berkeley DB .zip, with AES encryption

Berkeley DB .msi Windows installer, with AES encryption

Berkeley DB NC.tar.gz , without encryption

Berkeley DB .NC.zip, without encryption


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