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SASL OTP and syncrepl


After exchanging a few private messages with Pierangelo Masarati, I just
posted ITD#6475:

> When binding using SASL OTP to a replica, the bind works, but the
> cmusaslsecretOTP attribute is modified on the replica and fail to be
> propagated to the master. On the next modification, the master will
> overwrite the replica's updated cmusaslsecretOTP value.
>  Here is a script that exhibit the behaviour:
> ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/ldapotp.tgz

> That require SASL enabled OpenLDAP, with the OTP plugin installed. The
> PATH in run.sh must probably be adjusted.

The problem is in sasl_auxprop_store(), who bypass the replication
process. The easier fix to me seems to send a referal to the master on
any SASL OTP bind, Any other idea?
Emmanuel Dreyfus