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Java implementation of rfc4533 (Content Synchronization Operation)


I've made an attempt to implement rfc4533 in Java using JLDAP based on the work of Erik van Oosten's blog post:

I'm currently struggling with the RefreshOnly mode:
* On connect and the first search, a result with all entries is returned together with a LDAPSyncStateControl. * When the refresh i finnished, a LDAPSyncDoneControl is retreived and the syncookie is saved for next search * Next search is made using the saved syncookie, and I get no additional results. Everything seems fine and dandy so far...

Now, if an entry is changed on OpenLDAP, a LDAPSearchResult is retreived by the search, but doesn't contain the changed entry. I don't get the LDAPSyncStateControl either. Any ideas?

The source of the controls and examples can be found here: http://beskes.hgo.se/~joacimb/rfc4533/

Joacim Breiler