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Fwd: LLVMdev Digest, Vol 64, Issue 54

I was just thinking about trying out LLVM, looks like someone already got there.

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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:40:43 +0800
From: Nan Zhu <zhunansjtu@gmail.com>
Subject: [LLVMdev] I have built a whole-program bitcode file for
To: llvmdev@cs.uiuc.edu


I have written a wrapper which includes gcc/g++,ld and llvm counterparts, it
invokes native or llvm compiler and linker according to the options it
receives,after I replace the native tools with my wrapper in libtool script,
I just typed like this

make CC=wrapper AC_CFLAGS=-emit-llvm

then I got a bc file of slapd and other tools in clients directory

The accessory is the whole-program bitcode file of slapd

(My platform is Fedora11 x86_64+E6300)

the method can also be applied to many GNU projects but there may be some
other problems when I treat to BIND,I'm checking it..

Thank you
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