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Re: random topics

Ludovic Poitou wrote:

I'd be more than happy to help align the contribution to our implementation.
One detail is that our matching rules have an assertion value which is
not empty. It's a string which represents an "Offset" to the current time.
Now +/- Offset, where the offset can be specified in seconds, minutes,
hours, days or weeks (s, m, h, d, w).
The offset can be used to deal with client timezones.

Hey Ludo, sounds great. I think a good start would be just pointing out which source files contain your implementation. (Of course a spec will have to be published too, but working code is always a good starting point.) Also if you already have any test scripts for it. Thanks!


On Sep 27, 2009, at 10:51 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:
OpenDS also has matching rules defined for comparing timestamp
attributes to
"current server time". This is extremely handy for a lot of things.
this is a small, self-contained project that should be simple for
someone to
jump in on.

Of course we've had this as a contribution in ITS#6247 for more than a
month. It seems all that's needed is to align the matching rule name
and OID with the ones that OpenDS is using.

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