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Re: slapo-accesslog: Preserve some attributes of deleted entries in auditDelete entries

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> When using slapo-accesslog in a meta-directory environment you might
>> wanna
>> query the accesslog database for quickly detecting deleted entries with
>> (&(objectClass=auditDelete)(reqResult=0)(<time-interval-filter>) and act
>> accordingly. Now when receiving this entry of object class auditDelete
>> the
>> entry referenced by 'reqDN' is already gone. But the primary key used for
>> synchronization might be some attribute within the deleted entry and
>> not being
>> part of the DN.
>> So it would be helpful to preserve a set of configurable attributes of
>> the
>> deleted entry in those entries of object class 'auditDelete' in the
>> accesslog
>> database just like attribute 'reqOld' for modify and modifyDN requests
>> (configurable with logold/logoldattr).
> Currently logold already logs the entire entry, so everything you could
> need is already there.

Ah, ok. I misunderstood slapo-accesslog(5) and thought that this is also only
done for modify and modifyDN requests. To preserve disk space slapo-accesslog
could also take logoldattr into account for delete requests.

Ciao, Michael.